Sign Our Petition

Please sign our petition at, which we will present to UF administrators.

Mission Statement:

To keep the existing distribution system of the Independent Florida Alligator that has been in place for more than three decades, in order for the Alligator to remain an integral part of daily student life.

6 Responses to “Sign Our Petition”
  1. Richard Phillips says:

    keep the Alligator part of the UF campus !!

  2. Gerald Green B.S.Adv '72 says:

    Most Journalism Schools would be proud to have a resource like The Alligator. You should be highlighting the work of your journalism students, not making it difficult for the rest of the UF student body to find and read The Alligator.

  3. Lisa says:

    Keep the orange racks on UF campus!!!! They are an institution!

  4. GerryMarseille says:

    I love the racks. Please keep them

  5. Jackie Hatcher says:

    Keep The Racks

  6. the alligator newspaper is the biggest college newspaper in the nation,no other can come u.f.wants to shut down giving them out for free and try to put a price on it with there machines so they can keep up with there lack of money for themselves.grow-up learn to handle money or get the hell out and let someone else in there that knows how to run a business,vice versa.the university of florida.

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